08 December 2021

Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report – CODE SHEET

car accident on the roadAfter a Car Wreck, a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report indicates the investigating officers’ factors causing a wreck. A Texas Peace Officer’s – Code Sheet indicates the factors and conditions of what caused the auto wreck.

A Texas Personal Injury Attorney can help you acquire, understand and determine your rights. Fining the meaning of the crash report related to your auto liability case and gathering evidence to prove is key. Proving the negligence of the negligent driver who caused your personal injury is the plaintiff’s burden. Even though a crash report or ticket may fault the negligent driver a defendant can still contest the facts and conclusions of the investigating officer. They can also do nothing and count on an injury victim to not prove their case, legally.

In 18 wheeler wrecks, insurance adjusting teams are standing by in support of the trucking company. After a serious personal injury case has occurred, a defense injury investigation starts.  After a wreck, often defense accident re-constructionist’s and insurance adjusters work to justify why you were harmed.  With a process designed by trucking industry lawyers and insurance adjusters, they start to work on defending your claim, while you struggle from your injuries. Without legal help, this puts an injury victim at a disadvantage in obtaining justice.

Most crashes in Texas result from speeding, failure to yield, driving under the influence of alcohol, following too closely and running red lights and stop signs. Though the Texas Traffic Safety laws require drives to slow down and drive to conditions, many do not drive friendly or safely and their negligence in failing to yield to other drivers and be courteous wrecks lives. Ignoring the mandate to maintain a safe following distance, causes many rear end auto collisions.

Whether the driver who hit you was ticketed for failure to control their speed, failed to yield or ran a red light, a jury may never know that they received a ticket from a police officer, unless they plead guilty or were found guilty in a traffic court.

It’s important to have a Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer to gather and obtain evidence for presentation throughout the pursuit of justice in your personal injury case. Call and learn about your legal rights.