Suing The Party Responsible For Your Bus Accident

If you were injured in a bus accident, you could seek damages from the responsible party. The parties at fault may include the driver, the city, the bus company, and the manufacturer. The cause might have been poor vehicle maintenance, for example, the brakes or tires did not meet safety standards. The cause may have been poor driver training or a driver that fell asleep at the wheel.

These cases can be complicated and require the work of a skilled personal injury attorney. Scott McLemore is that attorney.

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Bus Accidents Are Commonly Caused By:
  • Speeding
  • Tired driving
  • Drunk driving, which causes 28 deaths in the US every day
  • Negligence due to over aggressive driving
  • Impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted driving

With the rise of smart phones and social media, there is a large increase in drivers who are distracted by texting, eating, using their GPS, or changing the playlist on their car stereo, and these are responsible for serious vehicle accidents. Some researchers claim that texting while driving is more dangerous than driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Dependable Legal Assistance For Bus Accident Claims

Accidents on public transportation are devastating. Public transport buses and tour buses carry a lot of passengers. They travel on busy roads. Accidents involving mass transport buses typically have multiple contributing factors such as a high number of riders, blind spots, and the challenges of driving a large vehicle in traffic. If you have been affected by a bus accident, contact attorney Scott McLemore for help. You may be eligible for a financial settlement to help you recover.

Bus accidents can cause severe and permanent injuries to the passengers on board. These injuries can cause great harm to the injured and their families. Potential financial harms that can be caused by bus accidents include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Costs from seeing doctors and specialists
  • Medications and treatment costs
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

If your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death in a bus accident, there may be compensation available to cover burial and funeral expenses as well as other types of damages. The McLemore Law Firm is on your side during this difficult time.

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