22 August 2022

Possible Injuries After a Car Accident You May Not Know About

rear view of female motorist wth head injury getting out of car after crashCar accidents happen every day throughout our country, but they are still not as understood as they ought to be. There are plenty of people who do not know what to expect physically after a car accident, and this has to do with the fact that most people simply assume that it will not happen to them.

But we all need to be better prepared for the reality that any of us could get involved in a car accident, and it is best to prepare ourselves for that possibility rather than pretend that it does not exist.

Common Injuries Faced by Car Accident Victims

There are different types of car injuries, from seemingly minor to bad car accidents injuries. No matter what, it is important that all victims have a chance to have their claims addressed by the court and make sure that they are being heard.

It is not fair to car accident victims that they just have to deal with the injuries that they have sustained. Instead, it is necessary to know what some of the common injury types are, so one knows what they might expect.

Minor Injuries

Medically, you need to realize that any injury that one sustains from a car accident may be a serious problem. No two cases are exactly alike, and it is unfair to tell people that their injuries are not serious when they very well might be in their case. That said, we will still talk about some of the injury types that may be considered minor in many car accident scenarios.

Aches and Pains

It is often the case that someone who is in a car accident will experience some aches and pains as a result of their accident. They may experience these lingering issues for days, weeks, or even months after the accident which can be frustrating to deal with. Houston personal injury attorneys would deem these to be minor injuries in most cases.

Back Pain

Depending on the specific nature of the back pain, this may be a minor injury from a car accident. Again, this is highly dependent on the type of back pain that one is suffering from following an accident, but many attorneys will say that this is a relatively minor injury compared to what one could potentially sustain from a car accident.

Major Injuries

There are some more serious injuries that make the list of top injuries from car accidents that need an immediate address. These are major injuries that are not discounted at all.


The impact of an accident may cause the victim to experience whiplash. When this is the case, their neck snaps forward and then back very rapidly and with a lot of force. Such an accident can be extremely damaging, and it is certainly something that requires immediate medical attention.


If something within the vehicle catches fire at any point, it is possible that the victim or victims may experience burns that are serious or even life-threatening. Even when one survives the burns themselves, they can still leave behind some scarring and a challenge to deal with. Thus, burns are a serious potential consequence of a car accident.

Making a Claim and Statute of Limitations

There are time limits established in claiming injuries acquired in a car accident you need to adhere to the statute of limitations for a Texas car accident. It is important to recognize these limitations and to get a claim filed with the appropriate authorities as soon as possible. Failure to meet the limitations deadlines may mean that one does not get the opportunity to file their claim at all, and that can be devastating to the case that they were hoping to make.

How an Attorney Can Help

Here at the McLemore Law Firm, we are all about making sure our clients know that we are on their side and that we have their back. It is our intention to see them through the challenging course case that they may be working their way through at this time.

Doing so means collaborating together to come up with the kind of aggressive plan of attack to win a settlement or judgment against the person who has caused you these injuries in the first place.

We will send our team in to help you fight for your personal injury claims and we will do everything in our power to make sure you come out successful. Call our team today and let us get started!