07 November 2021

Lane Splitting in Texas: Your Guide

motorcyclist splitting lanesWhat is Lane Splitting? 

Also known as lane filtering, lane splitting involves the riding of motorcycles over the roads’ painted dashed lines to pass between vehicles that are slowly moving or have stopped moving. Experienced motorcyclists regularly use this practice to reduce their commuting time. And while this technique is permitted in some states, it is a recognized issue and thus is illegal in some states. 

Lane Splitting in Texas

Texas is one of those states that illegalizes lane splitting. In 2015, the transportation code was adopted which states that the driving of vehicles should completely be within one lane and not between them. In Section 545.060, a roadway operator who is in at least two clearly marked traffic lanes shall drive as practically as possible within one lane. 

In previous times, some Texas legislators attempted to change lane-splitting laws to no avail. The most recent lane splitting bills were introduced in 2019 in the Texas Senate. There was no introduction of such legislative bills regarding lane splitting in the 2021 legislative session.  

Another time this bill was introduced was in 2017 in the Texas Senate Transportation Committee by a Democratic politician from Austin. Also, two separate bills were filed in 2015 on both sides of the legislature. 

Texas and nine other states recognize lane splitting and make it illegal. The other states are Nevada, Utah, California, Washington, Georgia, Oregon, Hawaii, Alabama, and Montana. 

How can an Attorney Help?

Riding a motorcycle is deadly enough, and lane splitting puts riders at much more risk of a crash. Even if the motorcyclist is experienced and proceeds with lane filtering when the vehicles are slowly moving or not moving at all, there is still a greater risk of a crash.

Riding motorcycles can instantly turn deadly. Vehicles can instantly speed up and unexpectedly change lanes. Also, there are blindsides sometimes. And when it comes to heavy traffic in big cities, the possibility of traffic accidents increases so much more. In fact, motorcyclists don’t have any covering like other vehicles, and thus, this could lead to a fatality. 

When looking at Houston traffic accidents, for instance, many of these accidents include motorcycle rides. So, if you are a victim of such rides, lane splitting, and all, it is critical to not get car accident lawyers that may not be up for the job. 

With a top-notch car accident lawyer Houston, you are in great hands to recover compensation for your losses. With such a lawyer, you can focus totally on getting healed and your health. Other things to expect from this top-tier attorney include the following: 

  • Investigating the cause of the motorcycle accident to determine who’s at fault.  
  • Gathering and preserving evidence that proves the other party’s responsibility for the crash
  • Documenting your damages and calculating your maximum injury claim value
  • Consulting experts for help
  • Filing deadlines for filing insurance claims and filing lawsuits
  • Negotiating your monetary value for your personal injury claim 
  • Preparing the argument for your case in court if and when the other parties act in bad faith

In Closing

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