24 January 2022

Common Car Accident Causes

woman using smart phone while driving a carHouston traffic accidents can happen under any number of different conditions. Common causes may be following the vehicle ahead of you too closely, driving too fast, or even exiting a parking garage.

Injuries can occur if a pedestrian crosses in front of or behind the vehicle as you are backing up.

A knowledgeable accident lawyer Houston will determine who was at fault, assess the damage to the vehicle, and identify the scope of whatever cognitive and physical injuries.

A Houston auto accident lawyer will aggressively fight for the legal rights of those injured in a car accident. The following is a list of some of the possible causes and types of car accidents:

Collision at an Angle

An accident in which two vehicles come to a stop at an angle to each other. For instance, a vehicle’s front may strike the other’s side. T-bone accidents are a type of angle accident.

Angle accidents have always been the most fatal, according to the National Safety Council. Angle collisions are responsible for the most fatalities in motor vehicle collisions (about 7,400 in 2018).

Multiple-vehicle Collisions

These types of accidents are most common on highways and freeways, where multiple vehicles are involved.

Emergency personnel has to work hard to separate vehicles and remove passengers from mangled cars. In the event of a fire, the trauma and injuries can be even more severe. 

When passengers or drivers exit their vehicles and are hit by another car because they don’t know it’s a mass pile-up, the situation can escalate. Disorientation can be a factor in some cases.

In these kinds of accidents, determining who is at fault is extremely difficult. Most people call a car accident lawyer Houston as soon as they can after a car accident because it’s nearly impossible to prove who was at fault unless a camera captures everything.

Collisions at the Rear

Vehicles that get struck from behind are known as rear-end collisions. It is common for a driver to be hit from behind when they suddenly stop or slow down. Even if the driver behind them was driving too close, this could be dangerous.

Most rear-end collisions cause whiplash, even if the crash is relatively minor. The driver of the vehicle that rear-ended is more likely to be uninjured than the driver of the car that got rear-ended.

Law enforcement typically attributes damages to the driver who caused the rear collision, except if the front driver had been in reverse at the time of the crash.

Head-on Collisions

The flip side of a rear-end crash is a head-on collision in which the vehicles of the two drivers collide head-on. It is one of the worst collisions ever.

Collisions involving only one vehicle

A single-vehicle collision occurs when a vehicle collides with something other than another vehicle. It’s possible that the driver also hit a pedestrian.

Damage to property and personal injury caused by a car collision would necessitate contacting car accident lawyers.

Sideswipe and Rollover 

These are two common collision types. These kinds of collisions occur when two vehicles that are side-by-side touch each other, resulting in a swiping motion. As long as both drivers maintain control of their cars, only minor damage will result from a collision.

Safecar.gov reports that rollover crashes are more common in SUVs and pick-up vehicles. Their “higher gravitational pull” causes them to be more top-heavy. Rollovers often happen because of reckless driving, drunken driving, or accelerating on uneven ground or slender rural roads.

A Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Finally, despite your best efforts, you may find yourself in the path of a dangerous driver, and that’s where McLemore Law Firm comes in.

If another driver does you harm, you should not hesitate to contact a Houston car accident lawyer. We aim to get you the best treatment and compensation for your suffering.