05 September 2022

Am I Responsible for Providing Evidence After a Car Accident?

close up hand of woman holding smartphone and take photo of car accidentCar accidents can be expensive. Drivers often have costs related to their injuries, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and other damage associated with the crash. It is possible to make the other drivers involved pay for these costs through a negligence lawsuit.

Whenever anyone wants to receive compensation for a collision, they must prove that the other driver was at fault through Texas accident laws. This is done by bringing evidence of bad driving, which proves negligence, such as traffic violations, distractions in the car, or illegal activities.

As with any accident case, a licensed lawyer from a local firm can always provide more specific advice about what to submit regarding evidence to prove fault in a car accident. McLemore Law Firm can provide more detailed information about this process during a consultation.

Who can provide evidence?

Evidence comes from a number of different sources, and the process of collecting evidence and information can begin right after the crash happens. These sources of evidence may include:

  • Drivers involved in the crash
  • Local police and fire departments that respond to the scene
  • Witnesses that were nearby and saw what happened
  • Accident reports generated at a later time after reviewing the information available
  • Doctors may provide evidence that proves the extent of their injuries through medical records as well

These documents related to medical treatment can show the specific costs of the injuries and any necessary expenses that the person will incur in the future because of their injuries. Medical problems are also relevant for the accident lawyer Houston to argue for non-economic damages for pain and suffering as well.

Can I provide evidence?

The victim can also provide their own evidence to prove fault in car accident. This can be pictures that they take at the scene, estimates of vehicle damage and repair costs, and income and wage statements to prove losses due to time away from work.

It is also standard procedure for a car accident for the people involved to contact each other and exchange information. This will help verify who was in the accident, and their insurance company may be responsible for paying out the losses. If a commercial or government driver was involved in the collision, it is especially important to get their contact information and find out who their employer is.

Submitting Evidence

When a person contacts their insurance company after the car accident, they can submit all of the information that they collected at the accident scene. This is done for the purposes of an insurance claim.

Copies of all of this information should also be retained in case the lawyer needs it for a lawsuit as well. People who have been involved in a crash have the ability to review the situation with an attorney and decide whether they want to bring a lawsuit based on the same evidence that was collected at the scene.

If the lawyer brings the civil case, the information that was collected will be exchanged with the defendant’s attorneys through the discovery process. This helps both sides reach a conclusion to the case based on the information that is available.

How an Accident Lawyer Can Help

There are many reasons to get in touch with an accident lawyer Houston.

The attorney can organize all of the information that was collected, and use it for the purposes of filing a civil case against the person responsible for the crash. Further, a car accident attorney in Houston also has the ability to help the victim get as much money as is necessary to pay for their medical bills and other costs by asking the defendant’s insurance company for a settlement or going to trial if necessary.

However, there are also time limits to keep in mind, so it is best to meet with the attorney before the Texas car accident statute of limitations expires. The lawyer can help the injured person receive as much money as is necessary to cover medical bills and time away from work. These amounts can quickly add up if the driver is seriously injured.

Anyone who needs more information about these matters can meet with the lawyers at McLemore Law Firm. They are available to give advice and guidance throughout the process of a car accident lawsuit for compensation.