25 July 2022

What Are My Rights If I Was in A Car Accident?

car crash dangerous accidentLegally speaking, you have specific rights if you’re involved in a car accident and it behooves you to know what these rights are. It’s easy to mistakenly believe that you’re fully aware of your rights. However, you might be surprised to find that you have more rights than you think you do. Our team at McLemore Law Firm is committed to educating drivers on their rights after a car accident in Texas.

Your Rights

As a Texas driver, first and foremost, you have the right to contact the police after an accident. You also have the right to get the names and insurance information of all people involved in a car accident. Believe it or not, you can take pictures of any damage to your car, as well as damage to the other cars involved. In fact, you have the right to take pictures of anything that would be relevant to the car accident. If you’ve sustained injuries as a result of a car accident, you can take pictures of your injuries as well. You also have the right to medical care.

It’s also your right to file a police report concerning a traffic accident. The police report supports any personal injury or property damage claim that you may submit. Any people that may have witnessed your car accident are also beneficial to a traffic accident. You have the right to talk to these witnesses, get contact information, and ask witnesses to relay what they saw to police officers. These witnesses are included in your police report. You’re legally entitled to compensation for any personal injuries or property damage that you sustain as a result of a car accident. Furthermore, you can legally pursue compensation from all responsible parties or the party that caused the damage. You might also be surprised to know that you have the right to remain silent. Yes, it’s true. You aren’t legally obligated to say anything, or even interact with any of the other drivers involved in the car accident. You’re not even legally required to speak with the other person’s insurance company or investigator. We have a Houston auto accident lawyer who can go into detail about what to do after an auto accident.

Passenger Rights

As a passenger in a car accident, you have rights too. Just like the driver, you can get the names of all the other drivers involved. This includes contact information, driver’s license, and vehicle registration information, as well as any other pertinent information regarding the accident. A car accident attorney in Houston is an invaluable resource if you’re dealing with a car accident because there are many rights and considerations that drivers may not be aware of.

Additional Information

As a driver, there are certain things you should never do after a car accident. You should never leave the scene of the accident, never admit fault, and never accept offers for private settlements. As a Texas driver, you deserve to know your rights. This is why McLemore Law Firm takes pride in our auto lawyers Texas. We know that our lawyers are committed to informing Texas drivers of their rights in an accident and readily invite questions from Texas drivers. We know that legal counsel from an accident lawyer in Houston, who’s well seasoned when it comes to navigating Houston traffic accidents, can determine the outcome of a car accident. A car accident lawyer in Houston can advise you of all your rights in your specific situation as well as provide guidance when it comes to what to do next.

In Texas, there are certain statutes of limitation when it comes to any personal injuries that you or your passengers may have sustained as a result of a car accident. It’s usually two years from the exact date of the accident. However, if you were in an accident that involved a bus, or some other government entity, the statute of limitations is a mere 60-90 days after an accident.

Often, time is of the essence and this is why it helps to have a seasoned, licensed, and experienced car accident attorney in Houston. We highly encourage you to reach out and speak with one of our auto lawyers in Texas. We are committed to arming Texas drivers with all the knowledge they need to get a favorable outcome after a car accident.