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Because corporate thefts can involve clients, money, and/or ideas, corporate theft cases require a thorough investigation by an attorney with the knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible result. These cases can be complex. Your lawyer may have to help you not only uncover the deception but also track down the money.

Attorney Scott McLemore meets the demands of corporate law. He is dedicated to seeking justice in cases involving employment contract violations, intellectual property disputes, and embezzlement. He will assist you to recover your loss and prosecute for damages.

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Fiduciary Duty and Corporate Theft

Corporate theft includes liability of managers and advisers with an undisclosed interest who make recommendations that prioritize their financial gain over the best interests of the company. In other words, when principals of the company take money or corporate contracts for themselves. However, the company must still meet its fiduciary duty to its shareholders by providing accurate financial reports, or it may be held liable for losses.

The McLemore Law Firm can defend and/or prosecute theft claims involving business owners, individuals and groups, and corporations. Stealing money or taking opportunities for themselves aren’t the only examples of corporate theft. Corporate theft can include theft-related services, including:

  • Violations of copyright and/or trademarks by another company, manufacturer, or distributor
  • Fraudulent dealings with outside vendors
  • Corporate espionage
  • Embezzlement involving a manager, employee, or director
  • Stealing trade secrets or lists of customers by a sales manager or high-ranking employee
  • Infringement on patents by a competitor

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