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Business torts involve legal wrongdoings to a business or business relationship. Often, the case involves a financial interest in the company, the value of a business relationship, or another intangible issue. To win, your business needs to represented by an experienced tort attorney.

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Business Torts Including Fraudulent Misrepresentation

If you believe that your business’ right to fair and honest treatment was violated, a fraudulent misrepresentation tort claim may be available. These claims are based on proving the defendant knowingly misrepresented facts that harmed your business.

Fraudulent misrepresentation includes more than misrepresenting a fact; it also includes the failure to disclose information that should have been disclosed. Examples of fraudulent misrepresentation include: representing that a home is energy efficient when it is not or selling a building without disclosing the known presence of asbestos. Our firm can investigate potential liability for fraudulent misrepresentation whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant.

Business Torts Involving Interference with Contractual Relationships

If another person or company knowingly interferes with your contracts, you may be able to claim damages. There must be evidence of the valid contractual relationship. You must also have proof that the individual was aware of the contract and intended to cause a breach or disruption. Attorney Scott McLemore can defend or litigate an interference with contractual relationships claim for you.

Prospective Business Advantage Interference Tort Claims

A tort claim can be filed if an individual has interfered with your pre-contract prospective business advantages. In other words, a prospective business advantage interference claim can be filed if an individual interferes with your business with another party before a contractual relationship is formed. There must be proof of an economic relationship likely to lead to financial gain and evidence that the defendant was aware of the relationship. Also, there must be evidence that the defendant’s intentional actions lead to the damage or termination of the relationship.

Unlawful Competition

Companies are meant to compete; however, all competition must be legal. Advertising campaigns found to be misleading are potential business tort cases. Businesses may be held liable for unlawful or unfair actions; filing a tort claim is an option when seeking justice.

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Hire Us to Keep Your Trade Secrets Safe

Attorney Scott McLemore helps individuals and businesses with various legal matters including protection of trade secrets and non-compete agreements. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience to best determine how to protect proprietary and confidential information.

A company’s proprietary and confidential information is critical to staying ahead of the competition. We can protect this information, including business protocols, customer lists, trade secrets, and formulas by designating it as a trade secret protects it through non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

Litigation Of Trade Secrets Theft

In cases involving theft of trade secrets by former employees or breaches of contracts, The McLemore Law Firm delivers justice for employers. We prosecute employees, former employees and/or competitors who violate binding contracts, steal trade secrets and valuable business assets, or confidential information. We are dedicated to recovering our client’s trade secrets and intellectual property and protecting those assets. Let us help you protect your company’s confidential information from theft by past employees or your competition.

When a Business Tort Happens, We Can Help

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